Using aquafaba?

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Feb 1 2016

Using the Word Aquafaba

The word aquafaba was created on March 13th, 2015 by Goose Wohlt to refer to the cooking water for legumes. It is considered a general name for the liquid and does not refer to any specific composition or legume. Using the word aquafaba in this context may be regarded as being comparable to using other common words such as shoe, seed, or brain.

The official Aquafaba Logo, its contents, and the contens of this site are are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, allowing it to be used and modified, even commercially, with proper attribution.

All rights to the word preceded by a symbol or metadata tag, such as #aquafaba or @aquafaba are reserved for their expected usage to refer to and its representative identies online.

The following marks have been used since March 14, 2015 to designate tangible and potential products associated and endorsed by this site and the aquafaba community:, Aqua Faba, AQUAFABA, Aquafaba, official aquafaba, and l'egg. Examples include the official aquafaba logo, aquafaba site merchandise, instant powders, and unique compositions of aquafaba announced on the site or in community forums. Usage of the word aquafaba in this context to refer to aquafaba not associated with this site may have common law trademark or licensing implications requiring the use of attribution back to this site or requiring a clear specification that there is no relationship to

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