Using aquafaba?

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Feb 1 2016

Aquafaba Community

Aquafaba is more than just a fancy new ingredient in the kitchen. It is also a community. The discovery and inception of aquafaba was born out of a need to alleviate the suffering of egg layers world-wide, but it's grown into much more than that. The aquafaba community is a vibrant global group of pioneers working together, sharing, contributing, and attributing each other in order to keep continued discovery alive. This sense of community allows people to experiment, learn, and receive support in aquafaba endeavors at any level of expertise.

The majority of the discussion is in the main group on facebook called Vegan Meringues - Hits and Misses! Feel free to join the group to learn about new discoveries or seek help. Be sure to read the pinned post before joining in the discussion, and keep in mind that this group is vegan-only. That means recipes and discussion about animal products won't be tolerated.

There are several other facebook groups with active discussion, including a smaller group that is not limited to vegan discussion, Aquafaba Everything, and several regional groups:

Most of the discussion about aquafaba outside of facebook is in blog postings. There is also a growing subreddit:

If you want to start your own group, please include a link back to the parent group and share your new page with the group, so that we can include it here!