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Consider donating to help fund a phytochemical analysis for the community!


Feb 1 2016

Aquafaba Shop

We have official AQUAFABA merchandise!

While you're here, we also have a request. Everyone wants to know what makes aquafaba tick and what the nutritional content is. So far only guesses have been revealed. Please consider a purchase or donation. Every bit counts, and all proceeds will go towards an official nutritional analysis. A minimal nutritional analysis costs $650.00 USD. Additional proceeds will go towards more in-depth pytochemical analysis and shelf life analysis. Understanding the composition of aquafaba is critical to development and commercial adoption. Please consider donating or purchasing from our shop to fund an open source analysis. All proceeds from ads on this page, the shops, and the donations go towards aquafaba nutritional and chemical analysis, and they will be released back to the community with a free and open creative commons license.

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Feb 1 2016



"Save the Aquafaba!" (coming soon)


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